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Angelique is an experienced director with a demonstrated history of international curating. Skilled in art, design, digital culture, bio art & design and journalism. Strong professional with a drs. focused in Arts and cultural sciences from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

She is the chair of the Talentdevelopment committee of Creative Industries Fund and director and artistic manager for MU Hybrid Art House in Eindhoven NL.

You can find more information about Angelique’s upcoming webinar below. This webinar will be hosted in the English language.


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  • Friday June 19 from 8PM – 9.15PM CET (20.00 tot 21.15)

Title: Worldbuilding (English edition)

While the corona virus is creating a new reality around us, MU has found a way to virtually lead you into an array of alternative worlds.

Especially now, imaginary worlds can be a relief. But the queer, utopian, dystopian, germinating, irreconcilable worlds that MU discloses as Worlding Worlds at, offer more than just distraction.

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In a choir of critical and upbeat voices, thirteen artists and designers question dominant views, opposing them with unexpected possibilities and creating the space that can be hard to find in society as we know it.

In this video the artists are interviewd and asked OddOne filmer and director Peter van de Riet to integrate them in an online impression of Worlding Worlds, so the film is as wonderfully diverse and layered as the physical exhibition, that only a few people got to see…

Join the webinar with Angelique (curator of Worlding Worlds).