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Lonny van Ryswyck is co-owner of design studio Atelier NL, together with creative partner Nadine Sterk. Atelier NL believes that design has the ability to connect local communities to the valuable resources that surround them. Their work explores the potential of local sourcing and production by focusing on the subtleties of the earth right under our feet.

Lonny teaches at the Design Academy Eindhoven and gives lectures & workshops world-wide to share Atelier NL’s unique design philosophy that concentrates on raw materials, responsible production practices, and good craftsmanship.

Working with governments, organisations and companies from the Netherlands to London and from Brazil to South-Africa, Atelier NL centres community engagement and public participation to re-establish the vital connection between people and their environment. They invite you to ‘think global and dig local’ in order to implement new design strategies into your work and day-to-day lives.


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  • Tuesday June 2, 8PM until 9PM (20.00 – 21.00)

Titel: Think Global, Dig Local (English edition)

Join the webinar to learn about finding value in the resources that are right in front of you. You don’t have to change your entire organisation in order to make a change in the world. Atelier NL invites you to ‘think global and dig local’ in order to implement new design strategies into your work and day-to-day lives. All it takes is some creativity and the courage to do things your way.

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From a genuine concern for the Earth’s dwindling natural resources, Atelier NL developed a research methodology that reveals the hidden stories of the world around us. What can local raw materials teach us about a place? How can understanding the origins of these materials help us to use them more wisely?

Atelier NL’s approach is grounded in a thorough analysis of local resources like clay, sand, and wood — from the landscape as a whole down to the molecular level. Social and historical research contributes to the understanding of these resources, their use and significance. In close collaboration with local producers and communities, Atelier NL translates the result of their investigations into thoughtful designs and participatory projects.

Join the webinar to start thinking global and digging local!